Bee Careful This Earth Day


Did you know that more than 300 species of bees call Florida home?

29 of them are only found in Florida! As amazing as that is, calling your house home should be left to just you and your family. So what can you do to make sure bees don’t find their way into your home, and if they do, how can you get rid of them without harming them? Here at JD Smith Pest Control, we’re here to help!

Preventing In House Bee Hives

Make sure to seal all small holes around plumbing, electrical, and air conditioning conduits. You should repair any cracks in your walls as quickly as possible. This will make sure bees cannot enter the inside of your home. If you have a screened area, around a pool or porch, you’ll want to make sure there are no holes in the screens and repair any that you may find.

Bee Hives in the Walls

It is so important to make sure bees cannot find their way into your walls or ceilings because if a hive is created inside the wall, it can be almost impossible to save or relocate them! Not only is it dangerous for the bees and your family, but it can add stress to your walls. If you think you have a hive inside your walls or ceilings, call your us, your local pest control company as soon as possible! The longer you wait, the harder it will be to remove the hive, the more bees will move in, and the more expensive it’ll be!

It’s important to keep an eye on your attic, too. Bees have been known to find their way through attic ventilation holes, and attics are common for bees to build hives. If you see a beehive in your attic, call us quickly!

Bees Outside? Bee Cool!

If you come across a large swarm of honey bees on the outside of your home, it’s okay! Bees sometimes travel around homes and will end up in all kinds of places – exterior walls, soffits, even windows. If you see them, just leave them be, they’re most likely just taking a break from their bee duties and your home looked like the perfect place to rest. So just relax and they should move on.

When it comes to your yard, while it’s great to have flowers that attract bees, you should maintain a clean yard. Stagnant pools of water, trash, and piles of debris can attract bees and other unwanted pests. If you have an outdoor shed, be sure to inspect the outside and inside, too. Sheds can be very attractive to bees since they are outside, often closer to plants and trees, and provide ample protection to hives; but not the kind of protection they really need, so if you see a hive in your shed, call us immediately!

Save the Bees!

If you have any concerns about bees and your home, give us a call at JD Smith Pest Control! We’ve handled plenty of bee hive removals. We’re here to keep your home pest free! We’re proud to service Pinellas Park, Clearwater, St Petersburg, Citrus, Palm Harbor, Tarpon Springs, Largo, Seminole, and Dunedin.

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