Don’t Let Spiders Haunt Your Home This October


As Floridians know, October brings more than the usual assortment Halloween decorations in andaround our homes. The spookiest month, rather appropriately, attracts the real creepy crawlies as well.

October is typically when we see start to see more spiders around the house. For now it may just be a few sightings in your garage or around the patio. Not only are there more of them, but you may notice that by this time they’ve fully matured – particularly if they’ve found their way into your cozy confines.That means some rather large spiders that may cause unexpected shrieks and a mad dash for the nearest newspaper or swatter. Followed by a call to the pest control experts.

But with a little planning and preventive measures, you can keep your eight-legged friends at bay and doing their part to keep your outdoors free of destructive insects.

Why Spiders in October?

While Halloween would be a fun and poetic explanation for the arrival of spider season, the real reasons can be traced to some basic activities among our eight-legged friends. Fall is mating season for spiders.It’s also when the critters are searching for warmth and shelter as the weather cools and Florida rains continue to fall. Best to keep them outside where they serve a valuable function in our ecosystem:keeping your property free of pests that may endanger your landscaping. But that ecosystem shouldn’t include the indoors where you eat, sleep, and relax.

How to Keep Spiders Out in the Fall Season

Here are just a few tips for keeping spiders where they belong – outside your home.

  • Seal up your house.​ This should include replacing old weatherstripping around windows and doors. Check for areas along baseboards and the edges of your windows sills that need a newline of caulk. Because of Florida’s damp weather, choose caulk that is water-resistant.Silicone-based caulks at your local home improvement store are inexpensive (under $10) andwill do the trick. You should also make sure to patch any holes in your window screens.
  • Get rid of any standing water.​ This means keeping your trash can lids firmly in place to keep out rainwater. This will reduce their appeal for mosquitos and other bugs.
  • Follow a monthly pest control plan.​ Rather than spend your money on insecticides that may or may not work – not to mention the environmental harm they can do to you and your family if not used properly – rely on a professional to keep your house bug-free.

Choose JD Smith for Your Pest Control

The best way to deal with pests – including ​spiders​ – is by being proactive. Don’t wait for the first few to show up in your house before taking action. ​Call the professionals at JD Smith​ to take keep your home bug-free. By relying on the experts, you’ll ensure the only spiders in your home this Halloween are the decorative ones you put there.

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