Don’t Let the Florida Bedbugs Bite


There’s a good chance that you’ve been told not to let the bedbugs bite, but it is a more common problem than you may realize. Bedbugs are the most rapidly growing pest control issue in the developed world. Many pests have a season they thrive in, but the Florida bedbugs are a steady year-round threat to homes. Transmitted from home to home so easily, there is no way to completely eliminate the risk of bedbugs to your property, but we are here to explain to you high-risk situations and warning signs to look out for.

How are bedbugs transmitted?
Simply stated, bedbugs are transmitted through people and their belongings. They cannot fly or jump, so they are not a pest who will just wander their way to your house or cling on to you walking through your yard, they will almost always be transmitted through outside sources. Here are just a couple of situations to be extra mindful of:

  • House Guests: Bedbugs are transmitted through items, guests bringing in their clothes, bags, pillows, or anything of the sort has a high capability of transmitting bedbugs in the chance they have an infestation. 
  • Kids School Items: A large gathering of kids coming together with items from their respective homes all together causes schools and daycares to be high-risk for the transmittance of bedbugs. Backpacks and bags are undisputedly the most at-risk items in this environment. Kids bring their backpacks and store them in lockers and rooms next to their classmates’ day in and out, giving plenty of time and opportunities for bedbugs to spread traveling from bag to bag. Make sure your kid keeps the bags they use daily at school, daycare, or other groups clean and safe to help prevent bedbugs from being transmitted into your home through them. 
  • Medical Equipment: Rented medical equipment, such as wheelchairs and beds. Basic cleaning procedures will not get rid of a bedbug infestation. If you are going to rent equipment of any kind to use in your home, make sure that you properly inspect it beforehand. Remember bedbugs are very good at hiding, so deep cleaning is recommended. 
  • Public Transport: Though bedbug’s ideal living space does not include not cars, busses, or trains, they do survive temporarily in these spaces, and definitely long enough to be transmitted through these spaces.

What are bedbugs living conditions?
Despite the name, the Florida bedbugs happily inhabit much more than just beds. They inhabit small cracks and crevices near human habitation. Spaces behind baseboards, upholstery, lightswitches, wallpaper, are just a few of the most common examples of where bedbugs like to live in homes. Bedbugs live off meals of human or mammal blood, with a strong preference for human blood. Adult bedbugs can live for about five months without a blood meal. 

How to know if your bug bite is from a Bedbug? 

The problem with identifying Florida bedbug bites is that they are not particularly distinguishable from any other insect bite. They will be small red bumps that are swollen, itchy, and cause mild discomfort. Bedbug bites can easily be mistaken for mosquitoes, spiders, lice, and many other pest bites. If you are suffering from an unidentified insect bite we recommend you seek medical advice immediately.

How do you eliminate bedbugs?
Your local pest control service is the solution to your bedbug infestation. Though some companies use heat to try to eliminate bedbugs, JD Smith Pest Control specializes in eliminating these tiny pests with chemical treatment. This process can be done on multiple scales, whether you have a small infestation and just need some spots treated, or if you have a massive outbreak and need your entire house fumigated for them, JD Smith Pest Control can help you get rid of any bedbug outbreaks you face. 

A colony of bedbugs can contain hundreds of these pests, and it’s quite possible to have an infestation without even knowing it. These tiny pests have been around for thousands of years, and aren’t going to go away anytime soon, so we hope this information assists you to be on the lookout for these year-round pests. If you have any questions or concerns about bedbugs or other pests in your home, contact JD Smith Pest Control today and we will happily assist you with any pest control concerns you may have!

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