How to Care for Your Lawn in 2021


How to Care for Your Lawn in 2021

You put a lot of work into your lawn. But pests, disease, and invasive species can quickly undermine your efforts. To keep your lawn green and healthy, you need to do more than water, mow, and prune. Fortunately, JD Smith provides the services that will help your lawn look great all year round.

Why choose a pest control company for your lawn care?

You may already have a landscaping service that tends to your property on a monthly basis. Such services can also include trimming trees and hedges, and keeping your grass well manicured. Or perhaps you’re a do-it-yourselfer, one who can handle the mowing, design, planting, and other lawn maintenance.

When you partner with JD Smith, you’re able to preserve the look that you or your landscape service have worked so hard create. That’s because we can see the threats that you or your regular lawn service may miss.

How JD Smith cares for your lawn

At JD Smith, we do more than eliminate pests. Our services support the health of your yard. The four main services we offer include:

  • Weed control. Weeds can be a major problem in Florida, especially if you don’t already have a healthy, well-established lawn. And if you don’t control them early on, you’ll have a major project on your hands. With regular treatment, JD Smith can help ensure your lawn is weed-free. We’ll identify the different types of weeds and remove them without harming your grass
  • Insect control. Think your wilting grass is from lack of rain? It may be insects. An infestation of critters like billbugs can feed on the roots, causing the grass to turn brown and leaving unsightly patches across your yard. We know the types of bugs that cause problems, and we’ll control them while preserving the eco-diversity across your grounds.
  • Fertilization. Maybe you’re confused about when to fertilize your lawn or whether you’re doing it correctly. The experts at JD Smith understand that different types of grass have different fertilization needs. We’ll use the right amount of fertilizer – and the right type – so that your lawn is thick and lush.
  • Fungus and disease control. See mushrooms popping up here and there? Perhaps patches of dead grass? JD Smith understands the different factors that can lead to fungus and disease damaging your lawn. We also know the treatments necessary to prevent this damage. We’ll give you advice on steps you can take to keep your lawn safe. Some of that advice may include which type of fertilizer is best for your grass, the best time to water (and how much), and how to mow it properly.

Choose JD Smith for your lawn care

Your home is more than the house itself and what’s inside. It’s the entire property — from the front yard that you and your neighbors see every day, to the back yard where you relax, barbecue, play with your kids, and entertain friends. Don’t let pests ruin your fun times or the beauty. Call the professionals at JD Smith to schedule your free quote for our lawn care services. Our representatives are ready to provide a full assessment of your grounds and put together a plan that will deliver the beautiful results you expect.

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