Understanding Options for Termite Treatment in Tampa

Understanding Options for Termite Treatment

Termites are more than just unpleasant. They’re also immensely destructive. In fact, the average homeowner winds up paying almost $8,000 to repair the damage by the time they’ve discovered they have a termite problem. JD Smith offers professional termite treatment in Tampa Bay and Citrus County for all types of termite issues.

Why is it So Expensive?

The difficulties associated with discovering termites before they wreak havoc on residential homes helps to explain why these tiny insects manage to ring up such high repair bills. Few homeowners routinely check their walls, floors, and furniture to see if there may be hollow spots behind them that are harboring termites. Unfortunately, they are rarely noticeable to the naked eye until the infestation has already gotten out of control.

Prevention is the Best Medicine

Homeowners who don’t want to wind up paying exorbitant repair bills will find that the best termite treatment is prevention. The best options available for termite prevention is to have a pre-construction termite treatment performed before building the home. With this termite treatment, property owners will have chemicals applied to the soil before having the foundation laid. This provides an effective barrier to subterranean termites.

Homeowners who are looking to prevent infestations in their existing homes need not despair. There are preventative termite control programs that will still be quite effective at stopping infestations before they occur. These treatments involve applying termiticides to the home’s expansion joints, cracks, attic areas, and other hard to reach places.

The best preventative treatments need to be thorough. For best results, apply treatments to the home’s interior, exterior, and foundation. Since termiticides can be hazardous if misapplied, it’s necessary to hire an exterminator who is licensed to perform this work.

Treating Existing Termite Infestations

The kind of professional termite treatment required to rid a home of termites will depend on the types of termites affecting the home. Three types of termites can infest residential homes. These are subterranean termites, drywood termites, and Formosan termites. Professional exterminators will be able to tell the difference based on the signs of infestation.

Tentless wood treatments can address some kinds of termite infestations. These foam treatments are injected into the home’s walls around its doors and window frames and on exposed wood found in attics and crawl spaces. When they take advantage of this kind of termite treatment, homeowners and their families can remain in their homes during application.

A second option is to apply exterior treatments to the soil surrounding the home. During a perimeter soil treatment, the exterminator will create a six-inch trench around the structure of the home. Throughout the trench, they will then apply chemicals to the trench. The process is only effective for treating certain types of termite infestations.

Complete Treatments

The most effective means of dealing with existing termite infestations is to look into Tent fumigation. When they enlist an exterminator for this type of Termite Treatment Tampa, homeowners and their families will have to vacate the homes until the chemicals circulated through the termites’ tunnels and feeding areas has dissipated. If multiple types of termites have infiltrated the home, it may be necessary to combine tent fumigation with one or more of the other treatments described above.

JD Smith Pest Control is the expert team for the job for termite treatment in Tampa Bay and Citrus County. Contact us today for a free termite evaluation.

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