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We’re Certified, Fully Licensed, and Insured

Every JD Smith Pest Control office is staffed by one or more certified operators as defined by the State of Florida. The operators have full certification in every phase of pest management administration as governed by Florida’s Department of Entomology.

Our Commitment is to the Customer

Our core business philosophy remains unchanged. Customer satisfaction is always our highest priority. We Guarantee It! If you have questions about our services head over to the FAQ for answers.

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Pest Control for Your Home

Beverly Hills • Citrus Springs • Floral City • Hernando • Inverness • Lecanto • Sugarmill Woods

JD Smith Pest Control is the most trusted pest control service for your home. Our certified technicians will deliver a complete home service package that provides numerous benefits.


Exterior solutions will create an impenetrable barrier that will prevent any further infestations.


Environmentally friendly products that are safe for your family, especially, children and pets.


A complete inspection of your property to identify potential areas for future colonization and current issues.


Interior solutions include treatment applications for your entire home including cracks, crevices, entryways, baseboards and window areas.



We’ll Make as Many Visits as It Takes to Ensure Your Pest Problem is Solved.
If Pests Return in Between Treatments, So Will We At No Additional Charge.


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Pest Control for Your Business

Pests can interrupt your business and hurt your reputation. Make sure you use an experienced and knowledgeable commercial pest control company. JD Smith Pest Control offers a full range of commercial pest control services and products. We will eliminate your pest problem quickly and discreetly. We Guarantee it!