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JD Smith Pest Control provides complete rodent control and extermination services for Clearwater, FL, and the surrounding cities. If you see evidence of rats or mice on your property, call us today and schedule an appointment for a free consultation.

Sealing Your Home: Rodents have pliable bodies that are capable of squeezing through very small holes. Mice can fit through holes smaller than a dime while rats can fit through holes the size of a quarter. The best and most cost effective approach is to limit the rodent’s access into your home. We inspect your home’s perimeter and seal any gaps, holes or breaches larger than ¼ inch.

Peripheral Treatments: Eliminating trash and unsanitary conditions discourages rodents from settling in and establishing nests. Rodents need a food supply, so it is important to store your food in sealed containers. As part of the service, we treat your home to eliminate the pests commonly associated with rodents including mites, fleas, and roaches.



Attics often contain the necessities rodents look for when they are ready to establish a new nest. The attic environment provides protection from weather and predators, and nesting material is abundant. Food may be readily available by traveling a few feet into the living area below.

If you suspect rodents are living in your attic, it’s time to call the professionals at JD Smith Pest Control. We will inspect your attic and develop a plan that includes the following rodent removal services:


Roof Vent Shields

Many people don’t realize that your plumbing vents (those ugly gray pipes sticking out of your roof) are the source for a host of problems to your home. From leaking vents that can cause thousands of dollars in damage over time, to rats, snakes and other rodents entering your home.


Squirrels chew on the edge of the lead flashing to file their teeth down, otherwise they would continuously grow out of control. This is what causes the roof leak issue. Also, by using a vent shield, you can prevent those unwanted rodents and pest from entering your home through your roof vents.

Roof Vent Shield Advantages



We’ll Make as Many Visits as It Takes to Ensure Your Pest Problem is Solved.
If Pests Return in Between Treatments, So Will We At No Additional Charge.


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