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JD Smith Pest Control - Blog Post - How Rodent Exclusion Protects Your Home
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How Rodent Exclusion Protects Your Home

Finding out your home has rodents may come with feelings of disgust, violation, and worry. That will likely be followed by: “Who do I call to get rid of them, and how can I ensure this doesn’t happen again?” Let’s

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Roof of house with vent pipe

What to Do When Rodents Infest Your Attic

Rodents can squeeze through even the tiniest of holes. Mice, rats, squirrels – all can easily get into your house if openings aren’t sealed. Once rodents get in your attic, you’ve got a major problem to address. Because not only

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Why Does the Cold Weather Attract Rodents?

Why Does the Cold Weather Attract Rodents? The temperatures have dipped a bit in Florida in recent weeks. And while that’s a welcome break from our usual warm weather, the colder temps may also bring some unwelcome activity in and around

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How to Keep Rodents Out of Your Home This Winter

You take care of your house on a regular basis. The landscaping looks great, and you might even be on a regular pest control schedule to keep out the bugs. But if you think “there’s no way mice, rats, squirrels,

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