Termite Wood Treatment

Termite Wood TreatmentIf you are in need of the best in termite wood treatments for pest control, you can protect your home and your family from termites using our environmentally friendly solutions. Our company prides itself on being able to protect your property from termites using proven methods.

The average home typically suffers at least $8000 in damage even before termites are detected. As one of the most ancient and difficult to remove species on our planet, termites are some of the most adaptable pests for any home.

Coming up with a termite strategy quickly is very important after the early detection process. Contact our staff today and we can develop a solution to prevent the chance that a large colony could continue to grow in your home or business.

Is it possible you have termites?

Here are some of the top signs that you have termites:

  • Wood blistering: If you notice unusual patterns in the wood throughout your home or discoloration, this could be the sign of termite activity.
  • Discarded wings: if you see discarded wings around your home, this is the sign of reproductive termites that take flight in the spring. Getting an assessment as soon as you start to find wings around your property is important.
  • Hollowed or damaged wood: If you see damaged wood throughout your home that starting the hollow out, this can lead to major structural damage. As termites eat wood from the inside, this can cause collapses in your foundation and structural support beams.
  • Dust/mud holes: if you start to see piles of dust around your home this could be signs of termites interjecting their droppings out of a nest. Pattern lines in dried mud can also be the most direct route for termites to your property. Pellets that resembled dried wood showcase often determine an active termite colony.

Contact us today to learn more about our termite Wood treatment solutions. We can eradicate termites from your property quickly!