Tips to conquer the dreaded palmetto bug…the “stinkroach”

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The palmetto bug usually refers to cockroaches that live both indoors and outdoors. It is also known as the Florida woods cockroach. When threatened the palmetto bug will emit a spray of foul smelling liquid squirting it up to 1 meter away. This stinky substance has earned it the name skunk roach, stinking cockroach and “the stinkroach”

The palmetto bug moves slower than other roaches and is typically found in damp environments. Although it loves the outdoors, it can wander indoors and feel quite at home in a damp corner of the house. The Palmetto bug is commonly confused with the American cockroach but this bug has distinct features that make it stand out.

To begin with it has no hind wings and the front wings are extremely short. This is distinctly different from any other cockroach species. They can be reddish brown right after mottling but their typical color is a deep black brown.

Keep Palmetto Bugs Out of Your House

The key to control is to find and treat these sources directly. In many cases, the services of a professional company – like us – are required to achieve long-term relief.

In our service area,  where this cockroach lives outdoors, successful control involves treating the attic, crawl space, and exterior cracks in the home and finding and treating likely cockroach harborages over the entire property.

Identify Points of Entry

Cockroaches can hide almost anywhere, including cardboard boxes, false ceilings, in between walls, along pipes or electrical lines, or near any cracks or voids. They especially love damp, dark places, or areas where fecal matter has accumulated.

Treat Affected or Vulnerable Areas

We’ll use baits, traps and/or vacuums to reduce the current number of bugs.

Prevent Them From Returning

In addition to cleaning and storage, we’ll recommend other ways to limit your risk. And because cockroaches can often get into buildings on packages, boxes, or furniture, you should check any items you bring inside. And, with everything backed up by our amazing guarantee, you’ll never have to worry about your home turning into a roach motel. We will make as many visits as it takes to ensure your pest problem is solved. Why don’t you try and schedule a free inspection today!

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We’ll Make as Many Visits as It Takes to Ensure Your Pest Problem is Solved.
If Pests Return in Between Treatments, So Will We At No Additional Charge.


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