Treatment for Subterranean Termites in West-Central Florida

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In our previous pest control blog on subterranean termites we covered warning signs and basic facts about subterranean termites, however with it being their swarming season we wanted to share more about how we handle these destructive pests due to the excessive amount of damage they can cause in such a short period. 

Prevention is the Best Treatment

The average home suffers nearly $8,000 in damage before termites are detected, that is why we always stand behind the fact that the best way to stop termite damage is to prevent it in the first place. JD Smith Pest Control has a preventative treatment that will protect your property for up to 10 or more years from subterranean termites. Taking precautionary measures will save you time, stress, and money compared to dealing with an existing infestation

Treatments for Existing Infestations

When you think of termites, there is a good chance you have tent fumigation on your mind. However, subterranean termites are underground dwellers so fumigation will not reach their underground tunnels and nest. Don’t worry though, there are multiple treatments available that do properly handle subterranean termites and we will be able to develop the best control method for your unique case. You will not need to relocate during treatment.

One external only method of handling subterranean termites is with our perimeter soil treatment. A tiny 6” trench will be outlined around the complete structure of your home. Then the trench is filled with chemicals, then the chemicals are covered over. This treatment deters termites from being able to build tunnels from the soil into your home. 

Tentless wood treatments are also a viable option in combating subterranean termite issues. This method includes a wood treatment injected into susceptible areas of your home to deter and prevent these pests. Common areas for this treatment often include the walls around doors and window frames, along with exposed wood. The additional good news about this treatment beyond its ability to get rid of these tiny pests is that it does not require reallocation, meaning you can stay in your home the entire time. 

We’ll Design the Perfect Plan for You

Whether you want to get ahead and prevent subterranean termites, or you worry you might have some unwanted pests already in your home or business, you can call JD Smith Pest Control to set up a free evaluation. We will develop a comprehensive plan to eliminate your pest issues and prevent future ones from developing. JD Smith has been in business in the West-Central Florida area for 50 years and has experience dealing with any pest issues you may encounter. 



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