Palmetto Bugs – EEWWWW


Palmetto bugs are warm weather and coast loving pests, making Florida a perfect place for these little critters to call home. Even though palmetto bugs don’t really bite nor do they sting, they are certainly annoying and no one wants them in their home. Having a good palmetto bug pest control plan will give you more peace of mind knowing these critters aren’t living rent free in your home. 

A Little Bit About Palmetto Bugs

Some people tend to call these bugs roaches, water bugs, or even flying water bugs. However, palmetto bugs actually don’t live in water, although they do like warm, damp places. They got their name from their favorite hiding spots: under leaves of palmetto trees, a type of palm tree. Obviously, here in Florida these hiding spots are plentiful.

Palmetto bugs’ lifespan can last up to a year, but females may live a little longer. After a single mating session, female palmetto bugs are able to continue laying eggs for the rest of her life. Female palmetto bugs lay eggs in a type of casing, called an ootheca, and she lays them in safe places where they won’t be disturbed. They are able to lay one ootheca each week for about 4 to 5 months.

Once an egg hatches, these roaches like most pests molt and grow to their eventual terrifying length of 1 to 1 ½ inches. They begin as small grayish brown and overtime their bodies harden and turn into the reddish-brown people shudder at when they see it scurry across the floor. 

How to Deter Palmetto Bugs

Knowing that palmetto bugs seek warm, damp, and dark places, one thing you can do to help keep palmetto bugs away is to keep your home dry. This means taking care of any leaky pipes, sealing off any holes in the ceiling or the walls, and ensure water pours away from your house using gutters and downspouts. 

You can also plant certain plants and flowers around your home that insects don’t like, and use rocks or gravel instead of mulch. 

It’s important not to leave food out, too. Left out food attracts all types of roaches and bugs, and you don’t want these pests to live and eat for free in your home! 

Calling the Professionals

Let’s face it, a lot of people can go into panic mode when they see a roach of any kind. Even though palmetto bugs aren’t actually roaches, they can still bring annoying problems to your home. If you’ve seen a handful of roaches in the last few weeks then it’s a great time to call a professional pest control company that can provide solutions that will help keep your home pest free. 

Here in Pinellas county, palmetto bugs can become a big issue for many homes. Being proactive will make it harder and less desirable for those pesky palmetto bugs from finding their way into your home. At JD Smith, we’re well versed in all types of insects and pests, and create pest control plans that fit your needs to keep your home pest free. Call us today to get started on your palmetto bug problems.

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