Florida Lawn Care – It’s More Important Than You Think


Summertime here in Florida is more than just beach trips and sunscreen.

It means flea season, high humidity, tropical storms and hurricanes, lovebugs, and insect infestations can get out of control. You may not realize it, but these are all big reasons to ensure your lawn is treated quickly and professionally.

By using a combination of preventative and curative strategies, your lawn can be healthy all year long. Active infestations often go undetected until substantial damage becomes obvious. Pests tend to find their way to roots and stems, causing extreme damage to your lawn. With a consistent lawn maintenance plan, these pests can be quickly identified and treated before bigger issues arise. 

Keeping Away the Bad Bugs and Welcoming In the Good Guys

Destructive insects can be secretly calling your lawn home. Sod webworms, chinch bugs, grubs, grasshoppers, and armyworms are some of the harmful pests that can quickly destroy your lawn if they are not identified and eliminated. If your turf grass shows signs of browning and thinning in different areas, you should have it inspected for insects. 

It’s important when caring for your lawn that any treatments used are chosen specifically for your lawn’s needs and any chemical treatments are done in moderation. Some insects protect your lawn and provide a variety of benefits. Hiring a professional team to treat your lawn helps keep these beneficial bugs safe while deterring the invasive pests. 

Fertilization, Fungus, and Weeds

Proper fertilization is a sure way to maintain a healthy lawn. With a deep green color guaranteed to make your neighbors envious, you’ll also be able to keep weed issues at bay. Treating your lawn year-round proves the best results, and at JD Smith Pest Control we’re proud to create custom treatment plans that are in line with seasonal changes and your lawn’s needs. 

Fungal disease throughout your lawn can appear in a variety of ways. For example, brown patches, slime or mushrooms can pop up. If a fungus or disease infects your lawn, it can be rather difficult to treat. With the right lawn care treatments and preventative measures, your lawn can be restored to a healthy state.

In Florida’s summer high heat and humidity, weeds are unsightly but surprisingly hearty. This climate provides ample opportunity for weeds to grow and multiply. Our pest control technicians identify the specific weed species in your yard, then develop a treatment to kill present weeds and prevent more from growing. 

Help Your Lawn Take Care of You

A healthy lawn not only looks great, but it acts great, too. Having a team of professionals create a lawn treatment plan that is strategic to your lawn’s needs gives you peace of mind and is a better investment. Preventing unwanted pests and lawn damage is better for your wallet than waiting until an infestation grows to bigger problems. 

We’re proud to offer lawn treatment plans throughout Pinellas County, and a variety of insect and pest control services in the surrounding Tampa Bay areas.



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