Why You’re Seeing Ants in Your Home – And What to Do About It

Ant Infestation

As spring winds down, we get ready for the mainstays of summer: the humidity, the heat, and hurricane season. Oh, and of course, the ants. Our few months of cooler weather are behind us, and we’ll have to wait a while for them to return.


With the climbing temps comes more ant activity. You may have already seen a line of tiny black ants emerging from your kitchen window. Or, if you look closely, you’ll see them streaming down a pillar or a corner of your house and heading for the front door or patio.


Let’s look at some of the reasons this is expected and what you can do to keep these persistent pests outside your house.


Why ants are so active now


Here are a few reasons you may see ants more frequently as we transition to the summer season.


  • The weather. Florida has two climate characteristics that make it hospitable to ants: It’s very hot and it can be very wet. The heat affords them the freedom to move their nests and search for food and water, two resources they can access in your home. When it rains, the ants will seek higher ground to avoid drowning. Once again, your home is their shelter.
Ants Crawling on Food
  • Food. Your kitchen is filled with food sources. The sink where you wash your dishes in one of them. A single crumb from your toaster or blot of sauce is all they need to continue their journey and alert more ants to join them. They may be streaming in from behind your oven or through your window screen.
  • Water. Ants seek moisture. While Florida can be very wet during the rainy season, we also go through dry spells, especially during the spring. When water is scarce outdoors, expect ants to search indoors.

Protect your home from ants


Though the conditions are right for more ants inside your house, there’s plenty you can do to keep them out. Here are a few tips:


  • Keep your kitchen clean. Leave dishes in the sink overnight and you may wake up to an infestation the next morning. At the very least, rinse them off thoroughly and run your garbage disposal. And wipe down counters and cupboards with a clean cloth.
  • Keep foliage and branches at least a foot away from your house.
  • Schedule your pest control service. A complete treatment can provide months of protection.

You can find out more about the types of ants that may be affecting your home and property in our pest library.

Control your ants with JD Smith


Whether you’ve seen ants or they have yet to make an appearance, now is the time to act. Rely on JD Smith Pest Control to keep your home free of ants throughout the year. Be proactive and call our team to schedule a free inspection. Our certified inspectors are ready to assess your situation and apply the right treatment. We also offer a variety of packages that can save you money, so call us today!



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