Florida Spider Information and Keeping Your Home Spider Free

spider in spider web

The warm climate in Florida is extremely welcoming to humans, which means it is also unfortunately an ideal climate for pests. Because of the local insects which thrive in the warm environment, spiders which feed off them are also quite plentiful. Don’t worry though, we have some insider tips on keeping the spiders out!

Common Types

There is a wide variety of spiders found in Florida but the most common type is the “Crab” spider, also known as the Orb-Weaver spider. These spiders are often found in moist areas such as pool enclosures. Luckily these spiders seldomly bite, and the bites from these spiders are not toxic to humans. Crab spiders are active year-round in our sunny state, but have a significant influx of activity between October and January. 

Dangerous Spiders

Yes, dangerous spiders are found in Florida. The two most common dangerous spiders in Florida are the Black Widow and Brown Recluse, and are more common than you may think. 

Southern Black Widow spiders are often identified by their jet black body with red markings and red hourglass marking on their underside. These spiders enjoy nesting inside many types of items. Shoes on pool decks, children’s playhouses, mailboxes, essentially any debris or garbage that can provide shelter and also offers them many insects as a food source is an ideal home for the Southern Black Widow. Eliminating these items from your yard will help lower risk of having to encounter a Southern Black Widow for yourself. 

Brown Recluse spiders have brown bodies with a black violin marking on their head. They are mostly found indoors in dark areas such as closets or attics. They like to hide inside clothing, toys, and furniture. They are called recluses because of their reclusive behavior, they are typically found hiding in dark enclosed areas. 

If you are bit by any spider it is always recommended to keep the body of the spider for medical identification and seek medical advice immediately. 


We know you surely don’t want some uninvited eight-legged roommates, so this is our list of top tips to prevent spiders from moving in. 

   •     Trimming shrubs and trees away from your house will help limit access for spiders to your house. 

   •     Having a quarterly pest control program in place will help prevent spider activity around the home, because it will eliminate many of the insects spiders feed off of and need to survive. 

   •     Keep your grass well cut and maintained. 

   •     Remove stored items and debris from the perimeter of your home. This includes piles of fire wood, bricks, etc. These are all great nesting areas for spiders. 

   •     Having your lawn treated monthly for insects can also help prevent insect activity. 

In Summary

Following these tips will help you keep spiders out, but the most reliable and recommended option is to get a pest control service to come quarterly to remove insects, taking away spiders food source. If you are interested in a personalized recommendation for your home or property, contact JD Smith Pest Control for a free no-commitment evaluation today. 

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