How Rodent Exclusion Protects Your Home

JD Smith Pest Control - Blog Post - How Rodent Exclusion Protects Your Home

Finding out your home has rodents may come with feelings of disgust, violation, and worry. That will likely be followed by: “Who do I call to get rid of them, and how can I ensure this doesn’t happen again?” Let’s take a look at one of the best overall solutions to your infestation: rodent exclusion.


What is rodent exclusion?

Rodent exclusion describes the process of making your home off limits to mice, rats, squirrels, and other small pests that may try to make their way inside.  

Because rodents have soft, pliable bodies, they can squeeze through very small holes. Mice can fit through holes smaller than a dime, while rats and squirrels can fit through holes the size of a quarter.


Why is rodent exclusion important?

Rodents carry with them diseases, and they multiply quickly. Once they are inside your home, you will be faced with:

  • The scratching noises of their activity
  • Unpleasant smells (from their normal bodily functions and when they pass away)
  • Damage to your home. Rodents are known to chew and gnaw on the wood in your walls and attic. They can also gnaw on the flashing that’s on your roof, an activity that could cause leaks.

By protecting your home from mice and rats, you can rest easy that rodents are not living inside or just outside of your home.


How does rodent exclusion work?

Professional pest controllers typically take two approaches to protecting your home:

  • Sealing Your Home: The best and most cost-effective approach is to limit the rodent’s access into your home. JD Smith Pest Control will inspect your home’s perimeter and seal any gaps, holes, or breaches larger than ¼ inch.

  • Peripheral Treatments: Eliminating trash and unsanitary conditions discourages rodents from settling in and establishing nests. As part of our rodent exclusion service, we treat your home to eliminate the pests commonly associated with rodents, including mites, fleas, and roaches.

There’s a lot that can be done to prevent unwelcome guests from entering your home. Some of the best practices include:

  • Add wire mesh behind the covers for your dryer vents
  • Cover other open vents with wire mesh
  • Install a chimney cap if necessary
  • Install roof vent shields (for those plumbing vents that stick up from your roof)

The good news is that JD Smith Pest Control will provide these services. Meanwhile, store your food in sealed containers. This includes pet food. Make sure you clean up any kibbles that have spilled on your patio and garage floor.


Get a free inspection from JD Smith Pest Control 

If you see evidence of rats or mice on your property, take action by contacting us. Call us today and schedule an appointment for a free consultation. Our inspectors will take stock of your situation and deliver the best rodent exclusion plan for your home.

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