How to Protect Your Lawn From Pests

JD Smith Pest Control Blog Post -  How to Protect Your Lawn From Pests

When pests disturb your indoors and the area outside your home, they can ruin the enjoyment of both. This is why eliminating them is so important. The frequent summer rains tend to stir up insect activity. They also quickly promote the growth of weeds that you can never pull fast enough to control.

In our previous post, we examined ways to keep a variety of bugs and rodents at bay before, during, and after the storms strike. In this article, let’s focus on the challenge of keeping your front and back yards free of pests.

What Types of Lawn Infestations Are There?

To understand the dangers to your lawn, it helps to appreciate that you may not see an active infestation until the damage is well underway. Some of the most common pests known to attack lawns in Florida include:

  • Armyworms: As the name suggests, these caterpillars invade as an army, causing widespread damage to the grass.
  • Chinch Bugs: They don’t just feed on grass; they can cause large patches of it to die if left untreated.
  • Sod Webworms: These pests are most active in the summer and fall when they chew on grass and leave it with ragged edges.
  • Mole Crickets: They are common in Florida and the rest of the southeastern U.S., where they damage lawns by eating them at the roots and causing dehydration.

These are just a handful of insects that can destroy your grass. A free inspection by JD Smith Pest Control can identify these and any other threats to your lawn.

Types of Lawn Treatments

To keep your lawn looking healthy and green, we apply treatments that protect it, including:

  • Weed Control: Weeds can quickly overtake a lawn, especially here in Florida where we have the high heat and humidity that they thrive on. We know the many varieties of weeds and will apply treatments that eliminate them and keep them from coming back in the winter months.
  • Lawn Insect Control: Grasshoppers, chinch bugs, and more can destroy a lawn in almost no time. While you may think drought or heat is the cause of brown, thin patches, it may be insects depriving the grass of nutrients and moisture.
  • Fertilization: A healthy, dense lawn starts with the nutrients your grass needs to grow strong and green.
  • Fungus Disease Control: Keep your lawn looking and feeling beautiful by keeping it free of fungal disease, which is hard to treat once it sets in. 

By relying on us to apply these treatments, you’ll ensure that your lawn will stand out in the neighborhood all year long.

Keep Your Lawn Looking Green & Healthy with JD Smith Pest Control

At JD Smith Pest Control, we apply proven strategies that will clear your lawn of destructive pests and keep it looking green and healthy. Plus, we will provide the nutrients it needs.

Our lawn care package starts at just $53 a month and is designed to take care of your yard throughout the year – even through the rough hurricane season. 

Having a beautiful lawn is one of the pleasures of owning your home. Don’t leave it unprotected against pests, disease, insects, and weeds. Reach out to us today to perform a free inspection of your lawn and home. Our custom lawn programs, package, and preventative treatments will keep your yard in the green.



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