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Category: Termites

termites damage home macro close up termites in anthill

Treatment for Subterranean Termites in West-Central Florida

In our previous pest control blog on subterranean termites we covered warning signs and basic facts about subterranean termites, however with it being their swarming season we wanted to share more about how we handle these destructive pests due to

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florida termites

Subterranean Termites: Tiny Pests that Bring Massive Damage

Termites are always bad news, but subterranean termites are both the most difficult termite species to detect while also doing the most damage in the shortest amount of time. Unfortunately, their swarm season starts at the end of February. Subterranean

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drywood termite florida

Drywood Termites and How to Treat Them

Wood you believe there are different types of termites? Fun fact, there are! Thousands, actually. Last month we talked about subterranean termites in a couple of blogs, and those do pose big problems here in Florida. That being said, in

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Understanding Options for Termite Treatment

Understanding Options for Termite Treatment in Tampa

Termites are more than just unpleasant. They’re also immensely destructive. In fact, the average homeowner winds up paying almost $8,000 to repair the damage by the time they’ve discovered they have a termite problem. JD Smith offers professional termite treatment

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Termite Treatment in Tampa Bay

Termites are one fear just about every homeowner shares. Termites eat through wood, so they can quickly destroy any wood inside the home. For homes with wood framing, this is especially worrying because the termites can cause serious damage to

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