Termite Treatment Options: Tent or No Tent?

JD Smith Blog Post - Termite Treatment Options Tent or No Tent

Termites are annoying when they invade our homes because, unlike to many other bugs, they do real damage. They’re insects that live in colonies and feed on wood, and that combination leads to massive damage to our properties. We’re talking billions of dollars each year. We hear a lot about termites in Florida because they love our warm, humid climate, and we’re constantly battling them to keep our homes safe. This battle is why fast, proactive treatment is so important. 

There are a few tell-tale signs that you have termites in your home, including:

  • Droppings. These typically look like coffee grounds. You’ll see them when termites are cleaning out their nests.
  • Discarded wings on window sills and near doorways.
  • Blisters in your sheetrock. These may indicate pathways termites are taking to find wood.
  • Damage to your foundation. Subterranean termites tend to make tunnels give them access to the moisture they need. Although cracks in the foundation of your home aren’t caused by termites, they provide access to the wood inside.

To get rid of termites when you have a major infestation, your two best options are tent and tentless treatments. Below, we’ll outline the advantages and disadvantages of each.


The difference between tent and tentless treatments

If you discover you have termites, you may wonder if you’ll need someone to tent your home. If you have a severe drywood infestation, the answer is likely yes. 


Termite tenting is a fumigation process. It’s used to get at the drywood termites, which are the most common type in Florida. Because they live in the wood of your home, they’re hard to reach with tentless fumigation methods. A trained pest management team places heavy nylon tarps over your house. Once it’s been secured and sealed, the team releases a gas throughout your home to reach all the areas where termites live. The upside of this method is that it will eliminate all the termites. The downside is that you’ll have to leave your home while its being tented and fumigated.


The process takes about three or four days, from set-up to removing the tent so your home can air out. Your pest control service will give you an accurate estimate so you and your family can plan to stay elsewhere for a few days.


The fumigant will not leave a permanent residue on or in your home.  Once the tent has been removed, the gas level will quickly decline to undetectable levels.


In the tentless approach, a liquid wood treatment is injected in to the walls around doors and window frames and to any exposed wood (like that in your attic or crawlspace). The advantage of this process is that there’s no need to relocate during the treatment. You can also leave all of your food in your home. The disadvantage is that it’s not as far-reaching as tenting. A qualified inspector, like those at JD Smith Pest Control, will let you know which method is right for you.


How to keep termites away from your home

If you have – or have ever had — a termite problem, you need to call the professionals to take care of the situation. Once you’ve gotten rid of them, there are some steps you can take to limit a potential reinfestation:

  • Reduce the moisture getting into your home. Termites love moisture, so see if water is accumulating under your foundation. 
  • Keep plants and shrubs at least a foot away from your foundation. Doing so will make it harder for termites to access your house.
  • Place a barrier of rocks or pine needles between your mulch and the foundation of your home. 

After taking these simple steps, it’s a good idea to also get a yearly termite inspection from the experts at JD Smith to make sure termites aren’t returning.


Choose JD Smith for your termite control

If you’re concerned you may have termites, or you know for sure, take action now to protect your home or commercial property from further damage. Because termites are more predictable in the winter, they can be easier for an experienced inspector to locate. Our experts are ready to determine any current or potential termite infestation. Rely on JD Smith to keep your property free of termites this year and in the years to come. Call us today.



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