Termite Treatment in Tampa Bay


Termites are one fear just about every homeowner shares. Termites eat through wood, so they can quickly destroy any wood inside the home. For homes with wood framing, this is especially worrying because the termites can cause serious damage to the structure of the wood as they tunnel through the wood framing. Homeowners can take advantage of preventative termite treatment in Tampa Bay or contact a professional immediately if they notice any signs that termites might damage the home.

Signs Termites are Damaging a Home

Early signs of termite damage include hollowed or damaged wood inside the home, wings from swarming termites that are going to create a new colony or mud tubes near the home’s foundation. Other signs include dry droppings from the termites, which looks like sawdust, tiny holes used by the termites to clear their droppings from the tunnels, or blistering of the wood. When you notice any of these signs, homeowners should seek termite treatment immediately. Faster treatment helps to minimize the potential damage from the termites and allows the homeowner to make any necessary structural repairs quickly.

Fumigation or Tentless Foam

Two of the most common types of termite treatment today is fumigation or tentless foam. Tent fumigation is done by covering the home with a tent then releasing a fumigant designed to kill termites into the home. Tent fumigation is an incredibly effective way of ridding the home of termites but can be disruptive for the household. Another option for professional termite treatment is the tentless foam option. This option involves injecting the walls, doors, window frames, and any exposed wood with a foam. Homeowners can stay in their home during the treatment, so it’s far less disruptive.

Preventing Termites from Entering the Home

There are effective treatments available for homeowners who have termites in their home. However, it’s usually much better to prevent termites from entering in the first place. Today, a Pre-construction termite treatment can be used to help prevent some types of termites from getting into the home. In this case, a chemical is applied to the soil before the foundation slab is poured. For already-built homes, a perimeter soil treatment can be an effective way of stopping some types of termites from entering the home. This method involves digging a small trench around the home and putting the preventative chemicals in the trench.

Comprehensive Treatment Plans

Homeowners worried about termites can look into more comprehensive treatment programs to protect their home. Professionals will treat the interior and exterior of the home to deal with any termites that may already be inside. Additionally, they will use preventative measures to keep termites out of the home. They can suggest further treatment options that can be done later on as well, ensuring your home is termite-free.

If you’ve noticed any signs of termites in your home or you’d like to prevent termites from entering your home, contact JD Smith Pest Control right away. We can suggest the best termite treatment or prevention method for your home. This will help ensure you can get rid of termites and avoid future issues. Talk to JD Smith Pest Control about termite treatment in Tampa Bay now. We can go over available options to you or provide an estimate for removal and prevention today.

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