Why Tent Fumigation Works to Eliminate Termites

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Why Tent Fumigation Works to Eliminate Termites

Tent fumigation is a highly effective way of dealing with termites. In today’s article, we’ll explain why it works so well and why it may be the only way to address a pervasive termite issue in your home. 

When is tenting necessary?

To understand the benefits of tenting, you should understand the kind of termites it is designed to eliminate. Drywood termites are the most common type in Florida. They live in the wood of your home, including places that aren’t readily accessible to us. While it may take years for them to cause structural damage, they can spread throughout the house in search of the wood that provides them with the moisture they need. When that happens, the only way to eliminate them with a high degree of certainty is through tent fumigation.

During this process, the home is wrapped in tarps so that a fumigant gas can be injected that will kill off the colonies wherever they are. It will reach into every area they might be in your home, killing off the termites. Some requirements during this fumigation period:

  • Most food items and medications must be protected in special bags, which JD Smith will provide.
  • You, your family, and your pets will be required to vacate your home for two nights and three days.

After the fumigation, we’ll air out your house out while you stay elsewhere. During this time, our licensed fumigators will conduct an inspection to ensure that the process has been successful. This will give the chemicals time to dissipate. The fumigant will not leave any residue on your household items, and you can go back to living in your home with peace of mind.

Although having to relocate during the tent fumigation may be inconvenient, it is also necessary and pays off when you return to a home free of termites.

How effective is tent fumigation?

When applied by a professional termite pest controller, fumigation is highly effective – more so than most other targeted treatments. Other advantages:

  • Because the gas will penetrate all the wood in your home, you needn’t spend any energy on finding the termites.
  • It will also kill a wide range of other pests, including bugs and rodents.

Choose JD Smith for your termite control

Termite prevention and treatment is what we do. Our comprehensive termite control program reaches deep into the places where termites typically nest. We go behind your walls and into your wood frames and attic to help keep your home safe from these annoying and destructive invaders. Rely on JD Smith Pest Control to keep your home free of termites throughout the year. Be proactive and call our team to schedule an appointment. Our certified inspectors are ready to provide a full assessment of your home for its current state of termites and choose the best application to keep you and your family safe.



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