Benefits of a Foam Termite Preventative Treatment

Drywood Termite Damage In Residential Attic

Benefits of a Foam Termite Preventative Treatment 

No homeowner wants to deal with termites. But many have to if they want to save their homes or at least have some peace of mind. To avoid the aggravation and destruction caused by these pests, you must prevent them from taking over your house. One of the hardest types to get rid of are the drywood termites. These termites live in the wood of your home, from which they extract the moisture they need.

 What is foam termite preventative treatment?

To eliminate current infestations and prevent drywood termites from establishing themselves, JD Smith Pest Control can apply a foam treatment that reaches deep into the areas where they live or want to be. We inject this formula into the frames around doors and windows in a targeted manner. It’s also added into exposed wood, like what you would find in attics. The benefits of foam treatment include:

  • Easily finds hidden and hard-to-reach areas
  • Can kill a colony quickly by using exposed termites to pass the chemical
  • Leaves a residue that will continue to eliminate any remaining termites

Another great attribute of our foam application: it expands considerably once sprayed into your home’s cracks and crevices. This means it can reach termites wherever they are.

Can I prevent termites myself with products from a home improvement store?

Trying to treat or prevent termites yourself can be a costly and fruitless endeavor. You need to know which chemical to use, how to apply it safely, and where to target it. And you’ll only be adding another expense to what should be your main source of protection from termites: a professional pest controller.

Choose JD Smith for your termite control

Termite prevention and treatment is what we do. Our comprehensive termite control program reaches deep into the places where termites typically nest. We go behind your walls and into your wood frames and attic to help keep your home safe from these annoying and destructive invaders. Rely on JD Smith Pest Control to keep your home free of termites throughout the year. Be proactive and call our team to schedule an appointment. Our certified inspectors are ready to provide a full assessment of your home for its current state of termites and choose the best application to keep you and your family safe.

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