Why Rodent Control Is So Important This Winter

JD Smith Blog Post - Why Rodent Control Is So Important This Winter

When it’s cold out, we head indoors as soon as we can. The same goes for the animals around our homes. Rodents may find a way indoors any time of year if they can, but during winter, they can be especially persistent. They want what you have: food, safety, and warmth.


Rodents have soft, flexible bodies, so they can easily enter your home through very small holes. Mice easily squeeze their way through openings smaller than a dime. Rats and squirrels can flatten their bodies to get through holes the size of a quarter. Dryer and roof vents, and torn screens offer even easier ways to get inside.


We’ll explain how we keep rodents out this winter and how our attic restoration services can get rid of unwanted guests if you already have an intrusion.


How does rodent control work

Rodent control – also known as “rodent exclusion” – is the process of keeping mice, rats, squirrels, and similar pests out of your home. It’s also a way to make your property unwelcome to these and other potential invaders.


At JD Smith Pest Control, we do this through two main approaches:

  • Sealing Your Home: This is a cost-efficient and effective way of keeping rodents out. We’ll inspect your home’s perimeter and close off any gaps, holes, or openings larger than a quarter of an inch.
  • Peripheral Treatments: Get rid of the pests commonly associated with rodents, and you’ll force them to look elsewhere for their food. Our treatments eliminate mites, fleas, and roaches.

What is attic restoration?

Think you’ve got squirrels or rats living in your attic? Well, attics are prime spots for animals to set up camp. They offer three big features they love: shelter, warmth, and plenty of material for creating nests. 


That’s where our attic restoration service shows its value. Attic restoration includes rodent control, as well as other measures that make it harder for animals to get inside, set up nests, and cause damage. It also prevents the otherwise unhealthy environment those critters create. Our attic restoration service includes:

  • Rodent trapping
  • Removal of soiled insulation
  • Installation of new pest-resistant insulation
  • Disinfection and deodorizing
  • Insect treatment (for the infestation brought in by rodents)

When we inspect your attic, we’ll develop the plan you need. We can also prevent future infestations through roof vent shields. These are the plumbing vents you have on the top of your roof. Squirrels will chew on the edge of the lead flashing to file their teeth down. In doing so, they can cause your roof to leak. With a vent shield, you’ll stop squirrels and rats from damaging your vents, and keep many types of animals from entering your home and causing problems. Our shields also stop debris from getting in your plumbing vents.  We carry all size of roof vent shields, which can be painted to match the color of your roof. 


Get a free rodent inspection from JD Smith Pest Control 

We are ready to deliver the best rodent control measures available. If you suspect you might be having an issue with rodents on your residential or commercial property, contact us for a free inspection.  



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