Answering Common Questions About Rodent Exclusion Services

JD Smith Blog Post - Answering Common Questions About Rodent Exclusion Services

Rodents are some of the most troublesome and damaging pests in Florida. They eat and contaminate food, damage structures, and property, and transmit parasites and diseases to other animals and humans. Here at JD Smith Pest Control, we’re seeing an uptick in calls about rodent exclusion, so we want to share some frequently asked questions that homeowners have asked us – the same questions you probably have, too.


If you’ve seen a rodent on your property, you’re probably asking yourself “why?”. Winter is a popular time of year for rodents, as they’ve been escaping the cold and rainy weather in search of food and warm shelter – like your home. There could be other factors attracting rodents to your home though. Read on to learn more or contact our rodent excursion experts to get to the source of your rodent problem without delay.


FAQs About Rodents

    1. How do I know if rodents are in my home? Some tell-tale signs of rodents in the home include:

    • Marks around small holes they use to enter and exit your home
    • Hearing noises in your walls or attic in the early morning or early evening
    • Droppings in and around kitchen drawers, food packages, and under the sinkChew marks on packages, pipes, wiring, and insulation

    2. I’ve seen one rodent, are there more? Rodents tend to live in clusters, so if you’ve seen one, there’s a good chance you’ve got many more hidden away. A female mouse can give birth to 60 mice in just one year.


    3. How did they get in? Rodents can get in just about any way you can imagine – open doors, open garages, tiny holes in your soffit, holes in your gable vent screens, and through the vents on your roof (those ugly gray pipes).


    4. Can I get rid of them myself or do I need pest control? Trying to take care of a rodent infestation yourself is asking for trouble and needless headaches. You’ll just be spending money and energy and may still have to call in a pest control service. Just as you wouldn’t try to fix an electrical wiring problem in your home, you shouldn’t try to handle this level of pest control. Call the experts so you can have it done right the first time.


    5. What kind of treatment do I need? The right treatment depends largely on two factors: The damage the rodents have already done and the areas of vulnerability. The main treatment methods include trapping (preferred) and toxic baits, also known as rodenticides. Trapping is the safest and most effective method. Toxic bait is poisonous to the pets and children in your home. They are also slow acting, allowing for rodents to die in inaccessible locations causing terrible smells when the weather heats up. The bigger problem with treatment is where to put it. When we inspect your home, we’ll let you know where rodents have caused damage and what points of access they are using to enter. Then we’ll explain the steps we need to take – and why — to address each situation.


    6. How do I prepare for their removal?

    • Clean out the areas where mice and rats are often found (removing boxes or items that could prevent full treatment).
    • Tidy up areas to better allow exterminators to look for access points and easily treat them.

      7. What does JD Smith’s rodent removal plan include? Our extensive list of expert services includes:

      • Rodent trapping
      • Rodent exclusion. This is where we make your home off-limits to pests.
      • Removal of soiled home material (like attic insulation)
      • Installation of replacement home material 
      • Disinfection and deodorizing
      • Insect treatment brought in by rodents.

      8. How do I prevent rodents from coming back? You can take some very simple steps to protect yourself from rodents. Some of your own rodent exclusion steps include: 

      • Seal up any openings, no matter how small, that lead into your home.
      • Remove food from outside (yes, this means bringing those dog and cat dishes inside). 
      • Secure your trash containers so animals can’t get inside them. 
      • See more of our tips for a rodent-proof home
      • JD Smith can install roof vent shields to block rodents and other pests from damaging and entering your plumbing vents.

        Trust JD Smith for Your Rodent Control

        JD Smith has earned the trust of residents throughout the Tampa Bay area for our outstanding work keeping homes like yours free of pests. If you’re concerned you may have mice, rats, or any other rodents in or around your home, just give us a call at 727-443-0465. You can also send us your request for service online.  We’ll quickly take action to keep you and your family safe. 



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